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          What can I say?  What can I tell you?

While on a motorcycle trip of adventure and exploration, I decided to ride up Mount Cheaha, the highest point in the Great State of Alabama.  Imagine my surprise and delight as I marveled at the breathtaking scenery of the view below me – it was then I heard the most lovely and wondrous sounds I had ever heard.

Determined to find the source of the sound I stumbled upon Ms. Valerie Hines singing and playing her guitar at the top of the world.  She was there with her film crew shooting a documentary about her and her music.

Needless to say, I was captivated and became enthralled with what I was witnessing and experiencing.  Never have I been moved by anything the way I was moved that day with my new discovery.

It was almost like being in love.

After a while there was a break in filming and I got the chance to introduce myself to Ms. Hines and her party.  I learned that she was an experienced performer, blessed with being multitalented and very accomplished.  I learned she was from the low country of South Carolina, that she had traveled and toured over 180 cities by the time she was 21.  I discovered that she had toured with the Bob Hope USO Tour, entertaining our troops in the Mediterranean, European and African theaters.

I also learned that she had toured with the Ebony Fashion Fair and was an accomplished actor and theater performer as well.  It was easy for me to see that her natural beauty and talent had been discovered much earlier and that she as a model had graced numerous magazine covers and spreads.

I was captivated.

It was almost like being in love.

It was not only me that felt as I did, listen to what others had to say about her.

Tim Duffy, manager of the Grammy award winning Carolina Chocolate Drops, said, “…On the phone with Taj, he is a big fan of your music.”

Bill Nowlin, Founder of Rounder Records said, “… If someone asked me to describe what I heard in the songs of Valerie Hines… I’d say that (she) is very much like a female Taj Mahal, obviously, that’s a great compliment.”

And Taj Mahal himself wrote, “… Hi Valerie!  Not only did I like your material, but I loved it as well!  Thanks so much for recording ‘Loving from my baby’s eyes!’  Many folks claim they play my music and learn off of me, but rarely am I ever moved by a version of my song as much as I am moved by your take on it!”

Now you get the opportunity to experience this ‘movement’ from this living treasure for yourself - and I am sure you will come away feeling like I have come to feel… yes, it’s like being in love!




L. G. Clark

Historic Curry Farm

Talladega, Alabama

April 18, 2014


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